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For those of you who haven't already heard, 2008 was a rather interesting year for us with some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that we won the event with Sir Chunks-a-lot (the old one) despite our average distance.  The bad news is that the potential energy created by Sir Launch-a-lot (the new one) was so great that it momentarily created a miniature void in the space-time continuum that forced the machine to actually fold in on itself.

When designing a punkin chunker one of the first things you have to concern yourself with is making sure the pumpkin goes far and preferably forward. It’s not until you have that aspect down that you can then turn your sights towards quantum mechanics. Since we didn’t have enough time to really test the machine, we could only make calculated and educated guesses whether our machine conformed to the rules of this dimension, and whether it was capable of withstanding the possible influx of energy that might occur due to the unknown state of the universe at the time of winching back the rubber.

Anyway, it was pretty amazing to see, and fortunately the void closed up soon enough that the machine remained in this dimension, albeit at a smaller scale.

Chunks and Launch
Sir Chunks-a-lot (left) and Sir Launch-a-lot (right) being
set up prior to the 2008 Punkin Chunkin World Championship